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Posted by Claudia on Apr 28, 2010
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Can you imagine yourself working, in real life, with someone like Dr. House?
Yes, I’d love to. He has a great personality and he is brilliant. It’d be inspiring.

Are you talking to your doctor in a different way because of the show?
No, although I think that now doctors talk to me in a different way. [Laughs.]

After six years of playing Dr. Cuddy, are you glued to the character?
I don’t know… There will be a day, some years from now, I’ll think about that. The best thing about playing a character for so long is that you interiorize faster each one of the scripts and the way the character deals with the others.

Why the show is a success?
I think it’s pretty much related to Hugh [Laurie, the actor who plays House] and the writers talent. All this people that is afraid to die and, when you see a man saving lives at the last breath, it’s thrilling.

Some of House’s jokes are about your breast. Have you talked with the writers about it? Have you had enough?
No, I love it. My breasts and my ass should be on the credits of the show as guest stars and they should even have their own salary. [Laughs.]

What the good is in act?
This one is tough. [Stop]. Acting with good arguments and gifted actors is very stimulating. I love what I do because there is a change every now and then. Sometimes, I admit, it’s boring but, most of the time, it’s fantastic.

Why is it boring?
Shooting only one scene can take three to ten hours.

There are tribute videos at YouTube with songs like ‘Sweet Child of Mine’ or ‘Crazy for This Girl’ that goes with pictures of you. What do you think of it?
Really? I didn’t know, I have to see it. But I’m surprised that people have time to do those things!

CURIOSITIES – Lisa Edelstein in details

  • She practices yoga and she is a vegetarian. She admits that the hardest part of being a vegan is buying shoes that don’t have fur.
  • In 1988, she wrote and played the musical ‘Positive Me’, one of the first dramas about AIDS.
  • She made an appearance in Seinfield, Frasier, Ally McBeal, All the President’s Men, Judging Amy.
  • She thinks that House and Cuddy, as a couple, would not be happy.
  • House MD is powered by FOX and watched at 66 countries. It has an estimated audience of 82 millions of spectators.

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