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Bits of news on Lisa Edelstein’s character in TGW


Some news here and there of Lisa’s characther, Celeste

JH: With your use of guest stars, which comes first? The character or the actor?

RK: We were looking for a character to come and place difficulties in Alicia’s world and relationships early in the year and we kind of had a character worked out and then Lisa Edelstein ran into contractual difficulties with ‘House’ and became available. It’s kind of the marrying of two things which is we need this character to be someone who plays a role of risk in Will’s life and then once the actress became available you start writing with her in mind, especially when we found out [Lisa] might be available.


Not that that’s dampened the spirits of the show’s writing staff, each of whom regularly brings in ideas that interest them for “filling the cupboard,” in the Kings’ parlance. Former House star Lisa Edelstein’s upcoming arc grew out of an idea Brinkerhoff brought in about two-room mediation. Other concepts percolating on the whiteboards of the writers’ room are just fun ideas, while others are based in the real world.


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