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Posted by Claudia on Jun 18, 2010
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I love when there’s so much…little recap with the previous two and a third new.

Gallery link: House M.D. > Season 7 > on set


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Finally is up! What I thought having done for weeks and thanks to Connie for the idea, it is all being put up.
The perfectly new, remodernized and fresh fanzone gallery. It’s exclusively for fanarts.
You can easily access it from the little cuddy moving (made by Sassy) next to Lisa and Wolf E. on the topbar.
Thanks very much for Lisa first for being that wonderfully hot in the layout (XD) and Daria, Connie, Sassy, BeiNa88, Pietruszka, Sina, Missbuterfly for having donated me stuff to start it up. So now c’mon guys…donate donate donate!!!


Posted by Claudia on Jun 17, 2010
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another one and I can just say OH MY GOD!!!


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And here it is my dears…the very first pic about Season 7. Can’t you see Lisa? Look better at the woman with brown coat. 😉


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Lisa Edelstein is Dr. Cuddy in ‘House’.

House has finally confessed his feelings to the director of Princeton-Plainsboro. To find out if she will have to wait is for tonight, when four issues the final chapter of the sixth season. The actress who plays Cuddy, Lisa Edelstein, does not seem very willing to lose their grip …

How does Hugh kiss?
I’ve never kissed Hugh, only Cuddy kissed House.

And is Hugh in real life like House?
At all. He’s sweet and funny, supporting the whole world and caring about those around him. But he’s as brilliant as House, that.

If you met a doctor like House, what would you do?
I’d always love him as long as I don’t die. I’m tough, able to deal with men like House.

What do you like the most of the script?
It’s the best job I got. The script is well written and I love people I work with: they’re complicated and insane. I couldn’t be more comfortable. (laughs)

What would you like to do after House?
I want to go on working, even if I’m not 20, I’m not asking for 10 productions per year. And I want to fulfill an old dream: visiting the whole world and be a better person. Sometimes I’d like to produce something that gives me and other actors job.

Many actors left House. Aren’t you tired?
Fool them. (laughs) It’s hard times and I’m a woman on her 40s playing in hit show on television: I think it’s silly to leave it. I give all myself to this until I can.

It’s more difficult to use medical terms or use the medical instruments?
(Laughs) Sometimes instruments can be more complicated. I’m left-handed and when it came I had to suture they gave me things for right-handed people.

What do you like the most of your character?
I’m shocked from the amount of things she can do at the same time. Wouldn’t be bad if she could have more fun and get larger steps, it’s impossible with dress she has.

Don’t you like your skirts?
For her yes. (laughs) For me they would be too tight, but when I get home I’m destoyed.

translated from 20minutos.es


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Gallery link: Backstage West – 2010 thanks LApprgirl

and more news House is nominated at Teen Choice Awards
Choice TV Show: Drama
“Gossip Girl”
“Grey’s Anatomy”
“The Secret Life of the American Teenager”

Congrats to all cast of House :)


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