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Posted by Claudia on Aug 13, 2012
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Hi people, I wanted just to tell that starting from tomorrow I’ll be on vacation for one week and I’m leaving. I’ll have internet access but not sure at all I can update so don’t be afraid the site isn’t going lost, simply on hiatus for one week. Happy holidays everyone, enjoy them! Bye.

– Love, Claudia –


Posted by Claudia on Aug 12, 2012
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I’ve done one day of craziness overwriting ALL the screencaptures with HD ones.
Enjoy them!

Gallery links:
1.01 – Pilot
1.02 – Paternity
1.03 – Occam’s Razor
1.04 – Maternity
1.05 – Damned If You Do
1.06 – The Socratic Method

1.07 – Fidelity
1.08 – Poison
1.09 – DNR
1.10 – Histories
1.11 – Detox
1.12 – Sports Medicine
1.13 – Cursed
1.14 – Control
1.15 – Mob Rules
1.16 – Heavy
1.17 – Role Model
1.18 – Babies & Bathwater
1.19 – Kids
1.20 – Love Hurts
1.21 – Three Stories
1.22 – Honeymoon


Posted by Claudia on Aug 08, 2012
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My little Huddy heart is beating now, it’s really sweet what he said and I thought to give it the chance to be published:

Lisa Edelstein’s departure (from the end of season 7) can explain it the falling of audience of this year in the US?
You know, it’s not clear for a series to last such long as we did. This isn’t that bad. We wanted to go high and we couldn’t go on more. Lisa decided to leave, she did it on her own choice. The show must go on another way without her and without her character. I suppose that her departure made lot of her fans sad but we had to go on.

We know she won’t be back for the last episode, are you upset?
HL :
A bit, Lisa is a wonderful partner and I think Cuddy really was the woman House needed. I would have liked to give it a different ending for them.

In the sadness of the meaning, I still am glad for his words, it means he sees as well Lisa’s greatness and not only us as fans.

Glimpse translated by me from influencelesite.com and brought to my attention by augussta


Posted by Claudia on Jul 31, 2012
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Added three portaits from various years.

Gallery links:
Portrait Session #010
Portrait Session #011
Portrait Session #012 thanks lisaedelsteinnews.tumblr.com


Posted by Claudia on Jul 27, 2012
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As I’ve been asked to translate this interview for non-italian speakers here you go:

HIM: And in this third day of Taormina Film Festival here for special drugstore with beautiful Etna behind our backs beautiful Lisa Edelstein, hi Lisa how are you?
LE: Hi, I’m very good thanks.
HIM: So, you just received an important award, what does this award means to you and for your career?
LE: Well, it’s a honor to be invited here at festival and I’m thrilled to get an award here I just ehm…it feels very nice.
HIM: I can understand.
LE: Yeah.
HIM: So can you tell me something about your professional relationship with all the cast in Dr.House, please?
LE: Ahh, all of them? Ehm we had a lot of fun, it was a great experience. Everybody on the show is very smart and very fun and…a little bit twisted but in a good way. So it was a great job.
HIM: Thank you so much, enjoy the evening I will see you later on the red carpet okay?
LE: I will see you later on the red carpet. Thank you so much.
HIM: Thank you, thank you!
LE: Bye. (she greets with shaking fingers)

This is not much a translation but a faithful report of their exact words. One of the good things of being italian is the ability to ignore the voice translating and read their lips and focus on their voices only. LOL. Enjoy.


Posted by Claudia on Jul 26, 2012
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Took me a life, I’m so sorry, passing through major real life problem so I go slowly with updates. I’ve put on some videos interviews with Lisa found by augussta and the video of a special of Rai 1 (our country major channel) about Taormina Film Festival which had glimpse from the whole event and two of Lisa.

Video Gallery:
Taormina – Speciale Rai 1
Taormina – Summer VIP
Taormina – Special Drugstore


Posted by Claudia on Jul 25, 2012
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When “The Emmy Awards” are handed out in September, the name “House” will not heard, as far as winning any of the coveted TV prizes. But, it will be heard when another annual ceremony takes place that month in Beverly Hills, CA.

“House” will be the inaugural recipient of the Goodbye with Love Humanitas Prize. Now, the Humanitas Awards have been around since 1974, but this is the first Goodbye with Love Award. The newly created award, which honors long-running series of extraordinary writing quality, will be presented to “House” creator and Executive Producer David Shore at the organization’s annual award ceremony on Sept. 14, at the Montage Beverly Hills Hotel.

“‘House’ introduced us to one of television’s most compelling and complex characters, Dr. Gregory House, a brilliant, charismatic and deeply flawed man who sought the truth above all else,” said Humanitas President Tom Fontana, in a release.


About Humanitas

Since 1974, The Humanitas Prize has awarded over $3 million to more than 283 deserving television and motion picture writers whose work affirms the dignity of the human person, probes the meaning of life, and enlightens the use of human freedom.

The cast also, besides Laurie, included Lisa Edelstein, Robert Sean Leonard, Omar Epps, Jennifer Morrison, Jesse Spencer, Peter Jacobson, Kal Penn, Olivia Wilde, Amber Tamblyn, Odette Annable and Charlyne Yi. In addition to Shore, the show’s executive producers were Paul Attanasio, Katie Jacobs, Bryan Singer, Thomas L. Moran, Russel Friend, Garrett Lerner and Hugh Laurie.

read full article at examiner.com


Posted by Claudia on Jul 21, 2012
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I went updating a bit here and there among movies and tv-shows, so here below enjoy them. Updates are all in HQ.

Gallery links:
Movies > Special Delivery > Stills
Movies > Special Delivery > On set
Movies > Keeping the Faith > Promos
Television > TV Series: Guest Appearances > The Good Wife > On Set
TV Series: Guest Appearances > The Practice > The Lonely People – Stills
TV Series > Leap of Faith > Promotional Stills


Posted by Claudia on Jul 14, 2012
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I’ve added more few HQs from Taormina with our beautiful Lisa.


Posted by Claudia on Jul 13, 2012
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augussta found three clippings from the press review about Taormina including Lisa’s glimpse. Below you’ll find all of the three. Enjoy.

Gallery links:
Scans from 2012 > La Sicilia – June 27, 2012
Scans from 2012 > Gazzetta Del Sud – June 27, 2012
Scans from 2012 > La Repubblica Palermo – June 24, 2012


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