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Interview with Lisa



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Added 18 HQs of the Photocall in Taormina today. She looked absolutely amazing and we got that this year is black the main color.

Gallery link:
Events from 2012 > 58th Taormina Film Fest Photocall


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The american actress at TaoFilmFest talks about the series that brought her success.
It was one of the most waited encounter at TaoFilmFest 2012: Lisa Edelstein, protagonist of one of the most loved series of the last decade, House, M.D., she attended a meeting with press and audience at PalaCongressi in Taormina answering some questions on her career and, obviously, the tv-series who made of her one of the most wanted actress in the world.
Fans of Lisa came from all over the world and the meeting goes abroad thanks to web: Lisa Edelstein’s fans were made part of it and questions came from many countries like Russia, United States and Brasil.The meeting started with the classical question: “How did you star as an actress? Where did you study?” Edelstein answers: “I always wanted to be an actor since I was a child. I did tv ads when I was a child and every stage work was fantastic. Then I moved to NY University and it was a great experience. While I was there I studies theatre and I’ve been inspired by a group of people who supported me as an actor and a girl. The let me try and dance and act. Then when I had enough self-confidence, I was ready to act”.

Lisa wasn’t expecting such a success because of a tv-series… “I didn’t think of me as famous but it seems I had a lot of success being part of a tv-show. There’s a lot of opportunities to be famous for things we don’t like. On MTV they proposed me something I was ashamed to do…”. In ‘Ally McBeal’ Lisa plays a transgender.
How does it feel to play such a role? “It was a honor to get this role and I was enthusiast to play it a role such sensitive and delicate – she says – I also had played a lesbian previously. People kept asking me if I was scared to do such roles and lose job offers. Many people actually asked me if I was really a man, but I don’t think a penis is the power symbol”.
Speaking of House MD, the producers had an original ideal: use a model like ‘Sherlock Holmes’ (House and Cuddy as Holmes and Watson) and put it on a screen playing into a hospital. A great success… “Writings are wonderful!”, Edelstein says who, speaking of her character, comments: “She’s very complicated and it’s interesting to be a woman of power, responsible and with very complicated personal relationships. When you look at stories happening into the hospital people need to look at themselves differently because it’s pretty clear what’s going on there”.
Acting method: Lisa Edelstein does she looks alike the character? The actress says “I prefer to dive directly into the story if I am looking forward the truth about the story I’m going to play. I think it’s the best for an actor who has to play the same role for years. Cinema is all different”.

Impossible not to ask about her relationship with Hugh Laurie and their secret synergy. “I believe that respect made it above all, when you are working with someone professionally – says Lisa – Hugh it’s always a good supporter, especially in the latest years when we were such vulnerable and he gave me the strength. I always thought I had someone on my side when working with him”.
And about her character, Cuddy, Edelstein talks about what she likes and dislikes of it: “I would like she had more fun. She’s too serious. But I loved more and more the deep and complicated relationship she had with House, the power of the character… and then she’s a very brave woman”.
Many people ask which was this strength between them, but Lisa can’t answer: “Well if you talk about the phenomenon House-Cuddy, it’s incredible. I can’t say what was the power of the characters and it’s insane to keep thinking of it. I’m happy of their success but it’s impossible to study onself, analyze…”
And about the finale, to which she didn’t take part, Lisa says: “I didn’t see the finale of the whole story but I read it. It was very hard to not take part to season eight and I did for personal reasons that I felt to do. It’s inappropriate to talk about it. It’s not like a really strange problem for people who live under the people’s eye but there were personal reasons bigger than it and I decided to give up”.

And lastly, the actress talks about the scene she will bring in her heart for forever and the most funny moment. “Among all the scenes there’s for sure the one of the break up, talking about Cuddy and House. I loved the scenes and to play it. It needed a lot of writings to find the right way to satisfy everyone. About the most funny episode, I suppose the strip tease, I felt such ridicolous, at 40… A bit embarassing but I did a good job and I’m not ashamed I did it”.
After House, Lisa dedicated to writing a story that, maybe, will be brought on screen, and participated in some tv-series as a guest (we saw her on ‘The Good Wife’). For her future she still doesn’t know what she’s gonna do, but one thing for sure, she’ll make very pointed professional choices. “I don’t want to work just for working”, she ends.

translated by me from rumors.it
also you can find all pictures uploaded into gallery.


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So the masterclass is over I’m giving you down full report of what @mariosesti tweeted us.

Lisa begins speaking about her first period in NY when she wrote a Musical and began her carreer #LEMasterclass

Celebrity is not a goal but a byproduct of something else #LEMasterclass

First clip screened in the masterclass is from Ally McBeal, when she reveals her being a man

Lisa Edelstein on stage #LEMasterclass picture posted here

When deciding to accept the role in Ally McBeal she feared being typecasted in the future. #LEMasterclass

“Suggesting you have a penis is really some thing strong” #LEMasterclass

Second club: Dr. House season V e p.14, she returns the cane to House #LEMasterclass

“A long running series gives you the opportunity to develop a complicate character. She is complicate as we all are!” #LEMasterclass

Third clip season V ep.4 House reveals to everybody he has slept with Lisa Cuddy #LEMasterclass

I think stanislawsky method reaches outside the scene but i try to find the truth IN the story. And it’s easier in a tv show #LEMasterclass

Another picture of Lisa on stage at Taormina Film Fest #LEMasterclass picture posted here

“Sometimes as an actor you’ve to find a way to make sense of what your character does if it’s something you would never do” #LEMasterclass

“I love the relationship of Cuddy with House but I only wish she could have a little bit more fun” #LEMasterclass

Fourth Clip House in Cuddy’s bathrob tries not to start again with drugs and she says “It’s your choice” #LEMasterclass

from the clip: “I have a new house a new fiance and i only think about you” #LEMasterclass

First question from the audience “Your relationship with house generated a huge movement online….and why you were not in the house-finale?” #LEMasterclass

“The House phenomenon is incredible and i don’t want to investigate why, it’s just marvelous” #LEMasterclass

“I’ve only read the finale of the whole series,there are personal reasons why I didn’t come back, it was hard but important”

“Sometimes you have to be fearless about what people may think and do it anyway” #LEMasterclass

I’ve been writing since I left House, and it’s incredibile to reclami my creatività #LEMasterclass

I don’t know if it will be a success, but the experience it self is great! We’ll see what happens #LEMasterclass

Previous Question was: “If you did your show what would it be?” #LEMasterclass

“I loved the writing of the House-Cuddy breakup scene, it was written many times until everybody was satisfied” #LEMasterclass

“The funniest scene to shoot was probably the strip-tease, it was funny to be dressed like that in my 40s in a medical show” #LEMasterclass

No relations to the abortion campaing for my going away, we did it so many times on the series #LEMasterclass

I can’t take credit for the ratings getting lower after my leaving, beacause the show was in its sixth year #LEMasterclass

It has been a succesful show and it’s normal that ratings after a while get lower. My leaving has non relations with it #LEMasterclass

“When you’re hired as an actor it’s not because you’re better than others,but because you are you and have something unique” #LEMasterclass

Here comes the question about future projects…. #LEMasterclass

“I’m writing a television pilot now, I have the luxury of being able to try to create the future for myself” #LEMasterclass

“FOX is very right wing but their programmino is not” #LEMasterclass

“I’ve been to frane a million times, i just don’t announce it. I love It!” #LEMasterclass

“I love game of thrones but they would never hire me! There’s some very good television out there” #LEMasterclass

How much did you work to get your special lateral grin? “Oh it’s natural!! AHAHAHAH” #LEMasterclass

“Yes if my pilot becomes a series i wrote a part for me!” #LEMasterclass

Advice to young actresses: “Don’t jump on every job, take the one you will be proud of. Write your plays and movies” #LEMasterclass

#LEMasterclass is over. Thanks to everybody, we’ll post some pictures

#LEMasterclass is over. Lisa encounters the fans who are here picture posted here

Lisa signing autographs after #LEMasterclass has ended picture posted here

Lisa ask for just on more photo #LEMasterclass picture posted here

And here it is the group picture #LEMasterclass picture posted here

you can see all pictures about the masterclass collected at gallery.

and also in all exclusively amazingness (just made up word) a video of it thanks to @martacagnola


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This is a small video from some of the fans of Lisa Edelstein who sadly couldn’t make it to Taormina :( So, welcome to Italy, Lisa! :)


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A tv service with glimpse of Lisa at the opening Press Conference of Taormina Film Fest.


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I’ve added more HQs and MQs of Lisa yesterday. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G

Gallery link:
Events from 2012 > 58th Taormina Film Fest – “Città di Taormina” Award


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As we know Lisa is receiving the award today and she already did as it seems from the twitter photos. We are proud of her :)

Gallery link:
Events from 2012 > 58th Taormina Film Fest – “Città di Taormina” Award

Thanks to my friend DeA for the HQs


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taken from the whole article but it seems our Lisa is never tired to walk the cities.

Lisa Edelstein, who did a tour in 30 hours around the whole city of Taormina, was enchanted from the breathtaking views, the beautiful architecturals and the view from vulcan Etna.
“I hope I will come back soon to Taormina and Sicily, I’d love to make a movie all in the outside”. Edelstein said, who will be awarded with the “Città di Taormina” prize on monday 25th at Teatro Antico.



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